Ward Cunningham

I’m extremely happy to introduce Ward Cunningham. He’ll be presenting “Missing From the Beginning: The Federation of Wikis” at NodePDX. Read more... logo

Ken Robertson

Ken Robertson is coming to us from the San Francisco area with a battle to wage. Join in for Battle Bots in the Clouds! Read more... logo

Jerry Sievert

This next presenter, a Portlander, is Jerry Sievert. Jerry’s a good friend of mine, a connoisseur of awesome things (like beer, distilling, etc) and a bad ass Node-fu Master. Jerry has built the brick.js web framework and will be teaching us all a thing or three about this framework. Which as any self respecting coder would, Jerry has the brick.js code up on github. Read more... logo

Subbu Allamaraju

Subbu Allamaraju Presenting “ql.io – Consuming HTTP APIs at Scale” @ #NodePDX Read more... logo

Scott Koon

Scott Koon Presenting “NODE! Huh! What else is it good for?” @ #NodePDX Read more... logo

Daniel Erickson

Daniel Erickson Presenting “Geddy – A better framework for building apps on node” @ #NodePDX Read more... logo

Aaron Stonnard

Aaron Stannard Presenting “Building Node.JS Applications on Windows Azure” @ #NodePDX Read more... logo

Kav Latiolais

Kav Latiolais is a principal and co-founder at Liffft in Seattle and has been developing collaborative Node.js applications for the past year with Giant Thinkwell. He once built a horse racing app in 30 minutes on a bet. Before starting his love affair with Node.JS, Socket.IO, and CoffeeScript Kav was a Program Manager at Microsoft tasked with designing Visual Studio. Don’t tell his old coworkers he exclusively uses TextMate on his Air. Read more... logo

Kyle Drake

Kyle Drake, a Geoloqi Coder & frequent co-hackathon hacker & tea drinker I know, will be presenting how Kyle and team at Geoloqi built a real-time geolocation game with Node.js and the Geoloqi API & Services.

Read more... logo

Jesse Hallett to Present “Object-oriented Patterns in JavaScript”

Jesse is pretty well known in Portland, has helped organize the JavaScript Admirers Group in town, and works for another well known Portland Company, Jive.

He’ll be presenting “Object-oriented Patterns in JavaScript” which is something I’d advise any new, experienced, or elder programming JavaScript to check out.

Read more... logo

Garann Means

Garann is a JavaScript Dev in Austin with her dog and cat, who leap in for code reviews. She grew to love Node after a history of backend development combined with her passion for client-side apps. She has a, and I quote “colorful” blog, which I myself read every time she posts a new entry. She’s also an author of “Node for Front-End Developers” from O’Reilly, which she wrote when she wasn’t remodeling her house and coding awesome JavaScript magic!

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Eric Redmond

Eric is going to get you pumped up about NoSQL, and depoying to NodeSQL, CouchDB, Neo4j, Redis, and maybe another solution or two! So buckle your big data belts on, this is gonna get huge.



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